Your donation is important!
The founding donors provided the initial endowment capital of 30.000 €. The income from these can only be a first step in the pursuit of the statutory objectives. We are therefore very dependent on the additional support of many donors.

Your donation will help to ensure that the University Church of St Paul as a room for theological, musical and academic use can be filled with life. For the period after completion there are extensive plans for the use of the space by the Theology Faculty, the worship department and the university music department. It is a major concern of the Foundation to support the implementation of such events to support as fully as possible. You can further the goals of the Foundation with donations or additions to the endowment capital, both of which are tax deductible in Germany. Additions to the Foundation are converted into (untouchable) endowment capital, the proceeds of which will be used for the furthering of the objectives of the Foundation. Donations contribute directly to the financial capacity of the Foundation to fulfil its objectives.

Donations may be sent to the following bank account:
Account name: Stiftung Universitätskirche St. Pauli zu Leipzig
Bank: UniCredit Bank AG Leipzig
IBAN: DE03 8602 0086 0609 4646 40

Please include your address in the transfer order. If you wish your donation to go towards a specific purpose, please add also a designation such as 'worship' or 'music'. For donations of more than 200 € you will need a receipt for your donation to be tax deductible in Germany. We are more than happy to provide you with this receipt. According to the last Notice of Exemption by the Leipzig Tax Office II,  issued on 4 September 2020, the Foundation serves exclusively and directly not-for-profit and religious purposes according to §§ 51 ff of the German Tax Code (AO). The Foundation has been freed from paying corporate income tax.

The first 249 donors or founding donors of 500 € or more will receive as a special thank you for theirsupport and contribution to the Foundation a numbered Bronze Medal of St Paul and a Founder Letter. No.1 of this medal was presented to the University service on 29 May 2009 with the intention to include it in a solemn ceremony at the altar foundation stone of the University Church of St Paul.  

Paul Medal of the Foundation 'University Church of St Paul, Leipzig'

Listed below there are the persons or institutions who so far have received numbered copies of the Bronze Medal of St Paul in recognition of their donations for the Foundation 'University Church St Paul, Leipzig':

No.     2    The Rev. Professor Dr Martin Petzoldt as First University Preacher, Leipzig (Founding Donor)
No.     3    Mr Jost Brüggenwirth, Brandis (Founding Donor)
No.     4    Dr Klaus Knödel, Celle (Founding Donor)
No.     5    Mr Günter Neubert, Leipzig (Founding Donor)
No.     6    Paulinerverein, Leipzig (Founding Donor)
No.     7    Mr Roger Wolf, London (Founding Donor)
No.     8    Dr Michael Heckmann, Leipzig
No.     9    Evangelical Lutheran Parish of Plaußig-Hohenheida (Addition to the endowment capital)
No.   10    The Rev. Elizabeth Knödel, Celle, donated to the Dominican Friary Leipzig in memory of the Revd Gordian Landwehr OP
No.   11    The Rev. Elizabeth Knödel, Celle, donated to the Revd Professor Dr Ernst-Heinz Amberg, Leipzig
No.   12    Mr Arnd Brüggenwirth, Kenn
No.   13    The Rev. Professor Dr Martin Petzoldt, Leipzig
No.   14    Prof. Dr Martin Oldiges, Leipzig
No.   15    Mrs Ingrid Brüggenwirth, Arnsberg
No.   16    Mrs Brigitte and Mr Dietwalt Reich, Altenburg
No.   17    Mrs Mechthild Dörsing, Iserlohn
No.   18    Mrs Cornelia and Mr Peter Krumbiegel, Leipzig
No.   19    Mrs Susanne Krumbiegel, Leipzig
No.   20    Mr Dieter Noeske, Rotenburg a.d. Fulda
No.   21    PD Dr Martin Helmstedt, Leipzig
No.   22    Mr David Timm, Director of Music of the University of Leipzig, for the University Choir
No.   23    Mayor Burkhard Jung, for the City of Leipzig
No.   24    Mrs Barbara and Dr Ulrich Stötzner, Leipzig (addition to the endowment capital)
No.   25    Mrs Beate Winkow and Mr Ulf Brockstedt, Leipzig
No.   26    Mrs Monika and the Revd Christian Führer, Leipzig
No.   27    Dr Andrea Hofmann, Leipzig
No.   28    Dr Richard von Weizsäcker, former President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Berlin
No.   29    Mr Gunter Weißgerber, Großbothen
No.   30    Dr Karsten Heuchert, for the Verbundnetz Gas AG, Leipzig
No.   31    Prof. Herbert Blomstedt, Luzern
No.   32    Mrs Susanne Klatten, Bad Homburg
No.   33    Mr Peter Davids, Langelsheim
No.   34    The Rev. Professor Dr Armin Kohnle, Leipzig
No.   35    Dr Arend Oetker, Berlin
No.   36    Prof. Dr Helmut Wenck, Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock
No.   37    Prof. Dr Hans Käsmann, Neckargemünd
No.   38    Dr Almuth Märker, for the Märker family, Leipzig
No.   39    Dr Peter Gutjahr-Löser, Leipzig
No.   40    Mr Steffen Berlich, Leipzig
No.   41    Dr Henrich Peter Hummelsiep, Berlin
No.   42    Dr Christian Olearius, Hamburg
No.   43    Dr Peter Bagh, Marburg
No.   44    Mr Werner Schulz (former MEP), Brussels
No.   45    Rotary Club Leipzig-Centrum
No.   46    Mrs Ursula Ette and The Revd Helmut Ette, Bielefeld (addition to the endowment capital)
No.   47    Mr Bernd Höhle, Stadthagen
No.   48    Dr Harald Langenfeld, for the Sparkasse Leipzig
No.   49    Mr Bernhard Wiedemann, for the Gesellschaft Harmonie e.V. Leipzig
No.   50    Mrs Christine Haufe, Taucha (addition to the endowment capital)
No.   51    Dr Inge Linck and Professor Dr Joachim Linck, Erfurt
No.   52    Prof. Claudius Tanski, Salzburg
No.   53    Dr Claudia and Bernhard Steffler, Leipzig
No.   54    Prof. Siegfried Pank, Markkleeberg
No.   55    Prof. Ludwig Güttler, Dresden
No.   56    Bach-Collegium of Leipzig
No.   57    Mr Thomas Staude, Leipzig
                 in memoriam Margarete Staude, born von Kalm
No.   58    Mrs Brigitte Kempe-Stecher, Leipzig 
No.   59    Mrs Christine Gerasch, Leipzig
No.   60    Ullrich Böhme, organist of the St. Thomas Church of Leipzig
No.   61    Mr Michael Schönheit, organist of the Gewandhaus Leipzig
No.   62    Prof. Matthias Eisenberg, Straupitz
No.   63    Mr David Timm, Director of Music of the University of Leipzig
No.   64    Mr Daniel Beilschmidt, organist of the University of Leipzig
No.   65    Dr Bernd Klose, Markkleeberg
No.   66    Prof. Dr Frank Emmrich, Leipzig
No.   67    Dr Carsten Ritter, Leipzig
No.   68    Dr Carl Crasselt, Horn-Bad Meinberg
No.   69    The Rev. Christian Schwarz, Wismar
No.   70    Dr Michael C Frege, Düsseldorf
No.   71    Mrs Christine Clauß, former State of Saxony´s Minister, Leipzig
No.   72    Mr Edgar Krüger, Weißenfels
No.   73    Mrs Erika Weiß, Hagen
No.   74    Mrs Ursula Zimmer, Hannover
No.   75    Mr Hanns Bühling, Mühltal-Trautheim
No.   76    Laurel and Dr Christoph Eberle, Somerset, New Jersey, USA (addition to the endowment capital)
No.   77    Dr Doris Scheidereit, Dannenberg-Riekau
No.   78    Georg Greitemann, Frankfurt am Main
No.   79    Dr Roman Götze, Leipzig
No.   80    Dr Ursula Schnell, Karlsruhe
No.   81    Mareth Oldiges, Leipzig
No.   82    Ines Georgi, Leipzig
No.   83    Silke and Geert-Detlef Rahn, Leipzig
No.   84    Dr Johannes Kanis, Zschorlau
No.   85    Bernd-Lutz Lange, Leipzig
No.   86    Pamela Piekara, Leipzig
No.   87    Uwe Clauß, Leipzig
No.   88    Wolfram Günther, Leipzig
No.   89    Marlene Gurgel, Leipzig
No.   90    Sebastian Stieler, Leipzig
No.   91    Marc Lennaerts, Destelbergen, Belgium
No.   92    Volker Schmidt, for the Gesellschaft Harmonie e.V. Leipzig
No.   93    Michael Pommer, for the POMMER Spezialbetonbau GmbH Leipzig
No.   94    Josef kleine Bornhorst OP, prior
                  for the Dominican monastery of St Albert, Leipzig 
No.   95    Prof. Dr Christian Schwokowski, Leipzig
No.   96    Dr Siegfried Meier and Birgit Meier, Wetzlar
No.   97    Maria Einenkel, Leipzig
No.   98    Dr Sigrid Wirth, Bautzen
No.   99    Marco Peisker, Leipzig
No. 100    Christian and Hannelore Schreier, Leipzig
No. 101    Irene Fahrenheim, Leipzig
No. 102    Tanja Müller-Tegethoff, Leipzig
No. 103    Birgit Leistner, Leipzig
No. 104    Cornelia Blattner, Leipzig
No. 105    Martin Henker, Leipzig
No. 106    Prof. Dr Frank M. Lütze, Leipzig  
No. 107    Dr Fritz König, Leipzig
No. 108    Annette Schlemmer and Wilhelm Schlemmer, former Oberkirchenrat, Leipzig
No. 109    Brit and Peter Stieler   
No. 110    Prof. Gerald Fauth, Leipzig
No. 111    Johann Sebastian Bach Stiftung, Leipzig
No. 112    Elke Urban, Leipzig
No. 113    Katrin Sauerbrey, Erfurt
No. 114    Dr Natalie K. Watson, Peterborough, UK 
As of March 2023