Seal of the Foundation 'University Church of St Paul, Leipzig'

The seal of the Foundation 'University Church of St Paul, Leipzig' was created by the artist and typographer Andreas Stötzner on behalf of the Executive Board and the Board of Trustees. The artist kindly granted permission for its use free of charge. It takes up the symbolism of the architecture created on the Augustusplatz. The seal is used in the public presentation of the Foundation. The Foundation 'University of St Paul, Leipzig' hereby recognizes the architecture emerging on the Augustusplatz as being appropriate for a modern twenty-first century university and at the same time a memorial symbol of the University Church which stood in this place until its destruction. Erick van Egeraat's architecture creates the conditions and opportunities that the location of the University Church blown up in 1968 may again in the future serve in a structural and functional unit as the University's Assembly Hall as well as University Church.