Gremien der Stiftung Universitätskiche St. Pauli zu Leipzig

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Bodies of the Foundation (as of January 2019)
The Foundation´s Executive Board is actually composed of the following persons:
  • Professor Dr Matthias Schwarz, Leipzig
  • Christine Clauß, former State of Saxony´s Minister, Leipzig
  • Professor Dr Jens Herzer, Leipzig
  • The Revd Professor Dr Rochus Leonhardt as Dean of the Theology Faculty of the University of Leipzig
  • Walter Christian Steinbach, Rötha
  • Dr Annette Weidhas, Leipzig

    Members of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation:
  • Jost Brüggenwirth, Brandis (Chair)
  • Professor Georg Christoph Biller, Leipzig
  • Professor Dr Alexander Deeg, Leipzig
  • Professor Ludwig Güttler, Dresden
  • Priv.-Doz. Dr Martin Helmstedt, Leipzig
  • Dr Klaus Knödel, Celle
  • The Revd Professor Dr Rüdiger Lux, Leipzig
  • The Revd Dr Robert Moore, Leipzig
  • Günter Neubert, Leipzig
  • Professor Siegfried Pank, Markkleeberg
  • Professor Gotthold Schwarz, Leipzig
  • Dr Ulrich Stötzner, Leipzig
  • Professor David Timm, Director of Music of the University of Leipzig
  • Elke Urban, Leipzig
  • Roger Wolf, London
  • Professor Dr Peter Zimmerling, First University Preacher of the University of Leipzig