Objectives of the Foundation
The Foundation 'University Church of St Paul, Leipzig' promotes the creation and use of a site with a symbolic character, based as far as possible on the original building, which was destroyed in 1968, in order to fulfil its scientific, artistic, cultural and religious objectives. The foundation serves the statutes within its financial means, in particular:  
  • the design of the interior, largely based on models of the historic original
  • the creation and recovery of a site connected to J.S. Bach
  • the promotion and maintenance of worship within the university
  • the dialogue between science, Christian churches and the non-Christian faiths
  • the conduct of symposia, public lectures and forums
  • scholarly reappraisal of the importance of the University Church for the university and the city of Leipzig
  • the opening of the space for the people of Leipzig and interested members of the public.

  • The Foundation 'University of St Paul, Leipzig' was founded on 29 May 2008, the eve of the fortieth anniversary of the demolition of the Leipzig University Church of St Paul, by the founders Mr Jost Brüggenwirth, Dr Klaus Knödel, Mr Günter Neubert, the First University Preacher The Revd Professor Dr Martin Petzoldt, the Paulinerverein e.V. and Mr Roger Wolf, and equipped with an initial endowment capital of 30.000 €. Well-known personalities are involved in promoting the objectives of the Foundation in the Executive Board and in the Board of Trustees. The foundation was recognized on 23 December 2008 by the local authorities of Leipzig as a non-profit organization according to public foundation law.